About Us

    Hi! I’m Emily

Back in 2016 when pregnant with my first child, I became much  more conscious of what I was putting on my body, and thereafter my baby’s body. It wasn’t until after my second baby that I discovered that many of the products on the market (including the “natural” ones) were full of synthetic ingredients. This pushed me to learn more about herbal and plant-based alternatives. I spent months with my nose in the books researching, learning, and educating myself on all of the ways that plants and nature can be used on our bodies and for our health. After much experimentation, trial and error, and rigorous testing, I developed my collections of products that I am certain you will fall in love with.


In addition to our pursuit for plant-based alternatives, in April of 2019 our family started on our journey to a sustainable, low-waste lifestyle. We are passionate about the environment, we make every effort to reduce our waste and enjoy living a slow, simple life. You'll find this passion in our products as we package everything in reusable and recyclable glass bottles, aluminum tins, recycled shipping materials and even our labels are made from recycled paper! We encourage everyone who purchases our products to reuse the packaging or recycle them responsibly (clean them out before putting in the blue bin).


Pronounced like "heirloom", our ultimate WHY for embarking on a low-waste and eco-friendly lifestyle is to deliver the Earth to our children better than we found it. Like an heirloom, the Earth deserves to be cherished, protected and cared for. We can want more for future generations, and we've committed to doing our part by reducing waste, single use plastics and environmental toxins. That's why Eralume was born: for our children to inherit a better world