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By choosing to purchase a refill, you are helping to reduce packaging and reuse what you already have at home! Buying refills also means you can purchase as much or as little as you want of a product. That means you can stock up or sample products before you commit to a full size.


1. Select the product you would like to purchase a refill for

2. Pricing is per gram/mL. Select the quantity (the number of grams/mL) you would like to purchase

3. The product will be added to one of our repurposed sanitized jars or bottles and labeled with a handwritten label 

4. Your refill will be mailed to you or picked up at our location

5. Once you receive your product, you may use a funnel to pour it directly into the bottle at home you want to reuse

6. Rinse out and recycle or reuse the jar or bottle you received it in. If you're local you're welcome to return it to us to reuse again!

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