REFILL: Fluoride Free Toothpaste - Mint

REFILL: Fluoride Free Toothpaste - Mint

Rose Citron
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The best-selling and must-have product at RoseCitron! It has a smooth, foaming texture and fresh taste! Xylitol is a natural sweetener known to lower the PH of saliva by neutralizing acidity and therefore preventing cavities and gum disease.

A refreshing yet subtle minty flavour even kids will love!

Price is per 10 g refill. Adjust quantity to the number of mL you would like. (e.g. quantity 15 = 150 g). For reference, Rose Citron Toothpaste bottles are approximately 155 g

All refills will be provided in sanitized and repurposed jars or containers at no extra cost.



Ingredients (INCI)

Xylitol: Extract of birch bark/corn. Fights tooth decay

Calcium Carbonate: Soft abrasive agent (3μm)

Glycerine vegetable: From soja source

Cocos nucifera (coco) oil: Antimicrobial

Coco glucoside: Foaming agent from coconut

Xanthan gum: Texture agent

Potassium sorbate and citric acid: PH control and conservative

Essential oils or natural flavors