Canadian Maple Baby Spoon - Baby Led Weaning

Canadian Maple Baby Spoon - Baby Led Weaning

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100% natural and handcrafted in Quebec, this carefully designed spoon, in order to meet the BLW (Baby Led Weaning) standards, is the very first on the market to be safe and ergonomic.

It is smaller then the regular baby spoon, measuring 11.2cm and fits perfectly the child's little hand.

The Maple wood spoon allows your child to practice their motor skills and experience safe, self-contained food.

  • The wood is covered with natural resin made of linseed oil, wax crystals, rosemary and lemon extract.

  • Complies with FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) child and baby standards

Handcrafted out of Canadian sugar maple trees that have been cultivated, making the harvesting process more sustainable.

Maple is a naturally durable wood that is highly resistant to splitting. Where other woods can crack and splinter, maple wood remains strong and does not experience fissures, which ensures no pathogenic bacteria can grow within the cracks.

Maintenance: Wash with a mild dish soap after use and wipe with a cloth. DO NOT PUT IN DISHWASHER