100% Natural Rubber Pacifier - Classic

100% Natural Rubber Pacifier - Classic

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Age: 0-3 Months
Shape: Symmetrical (ideal for breastfed babies/babies without teeth)

Good for baby and good for the planet

Unlike other rubber pacifiers on the market, the Hevea natural rubber pacifier is made from a single piece of rubber. This means 100% plastic-free and no joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.

All done with your Hevea pacifier? Hevea has found a way to sanitarily upcycle old pacifiers into new toys. Each pacifier you send to them will earn you a 1% discount on their webshop. See their website for details under “Upcycling

  • 100% natural rubber latex – people and planet friendly production

  • No PVC, BPA, phthalates and artificial colours

  • Soft and gentle on baby’s face

  • Uniquely designed ventilation holes

  • Hygienic solid design – eliminates bacteria

  • The ergonomically butterfly shape gives space for nose and chin

  • Prevents vacuum around the mouth

  • The stylish packaging made from FSC certified paper is ideal for gifting