Our Mission


Inspired by our children and the environment, our mission is to provide your home, your body and your loved ones free of toxins while reducing your ecological footprint. Whether you’re well into your journey to sustainable living or just starting out, we appreciate you here. Together we can make a better world.


At Eralume, you can feel good knowing that with every choice we make - from our ingredients, to our packaging to our shipping materials - we have the environment in mind.



We are concerned about the social and environmental impacts of palm oil around the world, and as such have chosen not to include palm oil in any of our products. We do our research and carefully select our ingredients from sources we trust that provide us with accreditation and quality assurance. We always choose organic and fair trade whenever possible.


In selecting our suppliers, we consider location and the distance it takes for those products to arrive on our doorstep. As such, we always aim to lessen the distance it takes - therefore lessening our carbon footprint.

We reuse all packaging (boxes, packing material, etc) that is sent to us, whenever possible. When we can’t reuse it, we use paper-based packaging materials made from 100% recycled post-consumer product whenever possible. 


Because glass and aluminum are infinitely recyclable (unlike plastic), we have chosen to package all but one of our products in these materials. We always encourage you to reuse our bottles and tins when possible, or clean out thoroughly and recycle.



Because of our unwavering commitment to your health and wellness, we are dedicated to providing you with top quality products made from plant-derived ingredients that are safe for your entire family. After falling victim to greenwashing, we began to carefully study labels and identify many concealed chemicals and petroleum-based ingredients within the products we thought were safe.


Our skin is our body’s largest organ. When we apply products that contain harmful synthetic ingredients to the skin, they become absorbed into the body and into our bloodstream. This includes our babies both in and out of the womb. What enters the bloodstream can have major effects on our system and their system as a whole and lead to serious lasting health effects.

That’s why we know and understand the importance of selecting safe, premium ingredients for our products. We believe in the power and strength of nature without having to sacrifice performance. We also believe that quality should not come at a cost or with compromise to your body or to your health.

At Eralume, you will never find any hidden chemicals, synthetic ingredients, parabens, sulphates or ever have to worry about the safety of what you’re putting on your skin or your baby’s skin. That’s our promise to you.